Books on: Safety and Protection

Books which inform children about the importance of personal safety and protection. Subjects include road and home safety and 'stranger danger'.

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept
Author: Jayneen L Sanders
Illustrator: Craig Smith
How this book may help: This is a skilfully written and beautifully illustrated book which covers the subject of keeping young children safe from sexual abuse. Written as a tool to help parents, caregivers and teachers broach the subject in a non-threatening way, it sensitively weaves the important facts into a story that young children will find accessible.
Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept is a story about a little boy who is sexually interfered with by... read more

Tags: emotions, anxiety, abuse, strangers

I Can Be Safe: A First Look at Safety
Author: Pat Thomas
Illustrator: Lesley Harkar
How this book may help: Everyone needs to know how to look after themselves in dangerous situations, and this book helps to guide a child through potential hazards.
The book explains how instinct comes to play and how learning your name and address and how to dial... read more

Tags: road safety

How Should I Behave?
Author: Mick Manning
Illustrator: Brita Granstrom
How this book may help: A good way to start a discussion with young children on what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Promotes good manners, co-operation, helping and politeness.
This book is set out in question and answer format and deals with behaviour: helpfulness,... read more

Tags: table manners, swearing, rudeness, politeness, manners, helping, compliance, co-operation, bullying, behaviour, tidiness

Ready, Steady, Grow!
Author: Sophie Piper
Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
How this book may help: Describing to the very young positive things they can do to help their bodies grow strong and healthy. May also reassure a child eager to 'be grown up' that each day, little by little, they are moving towards this. Personal safety issues, healthy eating and good hygiene are also touched upon.
This delightfully illustrated picture book advises the reader to take positive steps to make sure... read more

Tags: hygiene, health, growing up, exercise, eating, dressing, diversity, diet, wheelchair

Look Out At Home
Author: Claire Llewellyn
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: Provides a thorough and simple illustrated guide to safety in the home for young children.
The book explains that home is a special place for you and your family, but it may not always be... read more

Tags: None

Playing in the Park (Why Manners Matter)
Author: Jillian Powell
How this book may help: This book covers the important aspects of playing with others in the park. It provides good examples of the little things that can make life much more agreeable for everyone and that make no-one feel excluded. It is written in language that children can easily understand.
The book touches upon a number of situations and issues important for a day in the playground,... read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, friends, sharing

Big Day Out (First Time)
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: A visually appealing book for young children which describes a typical family day out. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations may encourage them to talk about the experience and ask questions.
The book depicts a family (mother, father and a child who could be a boy or girl) getting ready for... read more

Tags: family

Spark Learns To Fly
Author: Judith Foxon
Illustrator: Rachel Fuller
How this book may help: Issues of foster caring and domestic violence
Spark and his little sister live happily with their parents until mum and dad start fighting. When... read more

Tags: anxiety, family, foster, violence

Be Careful (Talking It Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Ian Newsham
How this book may help: Potential dangers are highlighted and sensible safety advice provided without preaching. The illustrations provide touches of humour and reinforce the sense that safety advice originates in love and is not intended to spoil fun.
Helen, Eliat and their teddies have a busy day at play-school, at home and outside, but luckily for... read more

Tags: None

Let's Talk: Lost and Found
Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Illustrator: Marta Fabrega
How this book may help: This book acknowledges how frightening it can be for a child who gets lost in a public place. It encourages children and parents to decide on a safe meeting place in advance.
Publisher's summary: "Lost and Found tells the story of a child who gets lost in a crowd of strangers. But she is lucky,..." read more

Tags: anxiety

Manners at the Park
Author: Arianna Candell
Illustrator: Rosa M.Curto
How this book may help: The Manners books show children how to resolve small difficulties they might face in their daily lives. These stories help children to develop their social skills early in a fun and friendly way.
Publisher's summary: "In this story, Lily, Julia, Peter, Jim and the other children all play in the park. They learn to..." read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, dog, environment, helping, manners, pet, road safety, sharing

Let's Talk: Have you got a Secret?
Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Illustrator: Marta Fabrega
How this book may help: The situations explained in this book help children to distinguish between good and bad secrets and encourage communication between the child reader and an adult.
Publisher's summary: "Every child has secrets, and many secrets are fun to keep, for example a surprise birthday gift for..." read more

Tags: anxiety, bullying, emotions, fears, sadness, violence

Be Careful (Talking It Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Ian Newsham
Publisher's summary: "Some children and their friendly toys explore the many pitfalls that can be found in the home and..." read more

Tags: None

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