Books on: Hospitals & Operations

Books to inform children about what happens during a hospital stay and/or an operation. Some books aim to reassure children who are frightened by the prospect of medical procedures.
Going to the Hospital (Usborne First Experiences)
Author: Anna Civardi
Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright
How this book may help: Introducing young children to some typical aspects of a stay in hospital, including an operation.
Ben Bell is not feeling very well. His ear aches as it often does. Mrs Bell takes him to see Doctor... read more

Tags: health, hospital, operation

Maisy Goes to Hospital
Author: Lucy Cousins
Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
How this book may help: Introducing young children to hospital treatment.
This book is part of a collection of stories about Maisy, a young mouse. Lucy Cousin's bold and... read more

Tags: hospital, illness

I'm Worried (Your Feelings)
Author: Brian Moses
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: Helping children come to terms with the feelings of anxiety and exploring ways to alleviate their suffering. The book also touches upon the subjects of road safety and hospitals.
The little girl in this book describes how she feels when she is worried ("Like a dog that can't... read more

Tags: emotions, anxiety, fears, hospital, operation

Hospital (First Time)
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: Shows what to expect in a hospital environment.
The book shows lots of different children experiencing treatment and interaction with nurses and... read more

Tags: doctor, health, hospital, illness, needles, operation, treatment, wheelchair

A Day with the Animal Doctors
Author: Sharon Rentta
Illustrator: Sharon Rentta
How this book may help: Understanding what a trip to hospital might involve told with gentle illustrations and humour.
Terence the tapir accompanies his mum to work as a doctor. He visits lots of different wards,... read more

Tags: hospital, illness, operation

Author: Rebecca Elliott
Illustrator: Rebecca Elliott
How this book may help: Children with siblings with long term illness
Toby's sister is very brave when she goes into hospital and Toby has to learn to be very brave as... read more

Tags: family, hospital, illness, love, serious illness, sibling, sister

Nurse Ted: A Children's Guide to Cancer
Author: Ffion Jones and Kerry Foster-Mitchell
Illustrator: Ffion Jones
How this book may help: This is a very useful text, written in a clear and concise way. It might help a child to understand some of the facts about cancer, its diagnosis and treatment. It could also encourage a child to talk about their emotions if they are experiencing a similar situation.
Nurse Ted works at the hospital, and enjoys helping people to feel better if they are unwell -... read more

Tags: cancer, doctor, family, hair, hospital, illness, injections, medicine, mother, serious illness, terminal illness

Little Princess - I Don't Want to Go to Hospital
Author: Tony Ross
Illustrator: Tony Ross
How this book may help: Provides a positive and reassuring view of hospitals.
Publisher's summary: "The Little Princess has something stuck up her nose, but refuses to go to hospital. When she is..." read more

Tags: hospital

Topsy and Tim Go to Hospital (Topsy & Tim)
Author: Jean and Gareth Adamson
Illustrator: Belinda Worsley
How this book may help: Provides a positive and reassuring view of hospitals which may be suitable to help an anxious child.
Publisher's summary: "Tim has fallen out of a tree and bumped his head. He's a little nervous about going to hospital,..." read more

Tags: hospital, operation

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