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Selfish Sophie
Author: Damian Kelleher
Illustrator: Georgie Birkett
How this book may help: Encouraging sharing, politeness and friendship.
Sophie doesn't like sharing. She keeps her books, sweets, cuddly toys and other things to herself.... read more

Tags: behaviour, co-operation, emotions, friends, politeness, rudeness, sharing, stubbornness

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 5 out of 5

Author: Carol Thompson
Illustrator: Carol Thompson
How this book may help: Acknowledges that everyday situations may give rise to negative emotions in young children. The story offers some practical suggestions that young children can use to ease anxiety and frustration, such as deep breathing.
Dolly the young pig sometimes like to play alone and sometimes play with her best friend Jack... read more

Tags: sharing, sadness, friends, emotions, co-operation, behaviour, anxiety, anger, stubbornness, tantrums

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Excuse Me: Learning About Politeness
Author: Brian Moses
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
How this book may help: This informative little picture book asks the reader "how polite are you?" and covers many situations where a child may compare their own behaviour to the behaviour of the girl in the book.
Rather like a Debrett's guide for young children(!), this book covers how to behave in many... read more

Tags: politeness, party, manners, eating, compliance, co-operation, behaviour, rudeness, stubbornness, table manners

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Max and Millie Get Dressed
Author: Felicity Brooks
Illustrator: Desideria Guicciardini
How this book may help: An appealing board book which acknowledges that young children are easily distracted when it comes to getting dressed. The father in the story helps the children by making getting dressed into a fun game.
One of a series of books featuring friends Max and Millie. The children are too busy dressing up in... read more

Tags: co-operation, stubbornness

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Never Say No to a Princess!
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Illustrator: Kate Leake
How this book may help: Sometimes children just can’t stop themselves from asking for everything they see and in the modern consumerist society it is increasingly difficult for parents to say no to their children’s demands. The little princess’s parents give her all the sparkly things she wants whenever she asks for them but she is never happy and she never says please.
One day when she is lost she meets a dragon who will not take her back to the palace until she says... read more

Tags: stubbornness, rudeness, politeness, manners, helping, gratitude, compliance, co-operation, behaviour, tantrums

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