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Illnesses, Disabilities & Health

  • Allergies
    Books about allergies, including hay fever and food allergies
  • Common Childhood Illnesses
    Books about common childhood illnesses and conditions such as chicken pox, asthma and sore throats.
  • Healthy Eating & Exercise
    Books to encourage children to eat healthily, to be less fussy or picky with their food, and take plenty of exercise.
  • Hospitals & Operations
    Books to inform children about what happens during a hospital stay and/or an operation. Some books aim to reassure children who are frightened by the prospect of medical procedures.
  • Learning Disabilites
    Books which feature children with learning disabilities. Some titles provide information to help other children better understand learning disabilities. Other titles promote the positive aspects of conditions.
  • Parent With Depression
    Books which inform or comfort children who have parents (or other family members/loved ones) suffering from depression.
  • Physical Disabilities
    Books that either inform and educate able-bodied children on physical disabilities, or acknowledge the challenges/celebrate the positive aspects of living with a physical disability.
  • Serious Illness in Family
    Books which inform or comfort children who have family members or other loved ones suffering from a serious physical or mental illness.
  • Taking Medicine
    Books that acknowledge the reluctance that some children have to take medicine.
  • Visiting the Dentist & Dental Care
    Books about visiting the dentist and dental care. Some titles promote good dental care including brushing teeth, others give information about some of the common procedures carried out in the dentist's surgery. Many acknowledge that some children feel nervous when visiting the dentist and seek to reassure them.
  • Visiting the Doctor
    Books which either explain what happens during a typical visit to the doctor, who reassure children who may be frightened or worried about medical procedures, such as immunisations.
  • Wearing Glasses/Eyesight
    Books which either inform children about eye care and visiting an optician, or promote the positive benefits of wearing glasses. Some books feature characters who wear glasses.

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