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Childhood Experiences

  • Babysitters
    Books which portray babysitters in a positive light, or describe what to expect when a babysitter visits.
  • Bedwetting
    Books about bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) which seek to reassure and inform children that are affected by this condition.
  • Comforters and Dummies
    Books that cover the subject of childhood comforters such as dummies, blankets, teddies and cloths.
  • Facts of Life
    Books aimed at young children who are curious about where babies come from.
  • Haircuts & Hair Care
    Books that encourage children who are reluctant to visit the hairdresser or barber to go for a trim! Also includes books to encourage children to brush their hair.
  • Holidays and Travel
    Books that help children to enjoy their first travel experiences. Some books acknowledge that travelling by plane for the first time can be frightening for some, and attempt to explain what is involved.
  • Hospitals & Operations
    Books to inform children about what happens during a hospital stay and/or an operation. Some books aim to reassure children who are frightened by the prospect of medical procedures.
  • Learning To Swim
    Books which cover common aspects of learning to swim or visiting a swimming pool.
  • Losing a Tooth
    Books about losing milk teeth. Some promote good dental care and others include visits from the tooth fairy.
  • Owning a Pet
    Books that explain the practicalities of pet ownership. Some debunk the often idealistic view children can have of owning a pet, and describe the work that is involved in their care. Some books tackle the loss of a pet.
  • Potty/Toilet Training
    Books which help children through the transition from nappies to using a potty or toilet. Many books acknowledge that accidents are part of the process and are not something to be ashamed of.
  • Safety and Protection
    Books which inform children about the importance of personal safety and protection. Subjects include road and home safety and 'stranger danger'.
  • Separation Anxiety
    Books which acknowledge that children sometimes feel anxious when away from their loved ones.
  • Taking Medicine
    Books that acknowledge the reluctance that some children have to take medicine.
  • Visiting the Dentist & Dental Care
    Books about visiting the dentist and dental care. Some titles promote good dental care including brushing teeth, others give information about some of the common procedures carried out in the dentist's surgery. Many acknowledge that some children feel nervous when visiting the dentist and seek to reassure them.
  • Visiting the Doctor
    Books which either explain what happens during a typical visit to the doctor, who reassure children who may be frightened or worried about medical procedures, such as immunisations.
  • Wanting to be Grown Up
    Books that reflect the common childhood desire to be 'grown up'.
  • Working parents
    Books that feature parents who work, including those who have to be away from the family home for extended periods.

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