Books on: Anger, Violence & Tantrums

Books which tackle or reflect anger, which can sometimes lead to physical violence and tantrums. Some books attempt to reassure children that feeling angry from time to time is normal, and offer practical ways to neutralise this anger.

What Makes Me Happy?
Author: Catherine Anholt
Illustrator: Laurence Anholt
How this book may help: May help a child to identify emotions they are experiencing and encourage them to discuss any they feel uncomfortable with. Reassures children that it is normal to experience a wide range of emotions.
Each double page spread in this book focuses on a different emotion. The left hand pages show... read more

Tags: separation anxiety, relationships, phobias, monsters, growing up, friends, fears, fear of the dark, family, emotions, diversity, bullying, anxiety, anger, absence, shyness

Funny Face
Author: Nicola Smee
Illustrator: Nicola Smee
How this book may help: A good starting point to chat to a very young child about emotions, for example, how they feel during a tantrum.
A lovely example of a first picture book, Nicola Smee's appealing illustrations shows a little... read more

Tags: anger, emotions, fears, sadness, sharing

The Happy Book
Author: Malachy Doyle
Illustrator: Caroline Uff
How this book may help: A great starting point for talking about both positive and negative feelings with very young children. This book may gently encourage co-operation and good behaviour.
This charming book contains simply written messages encouraging children to spread happiness to... read more

Tags: anger, anxiety, behaviour, bullying, emotions, environment, exercise, fears, sadness, sharing, tantrums

The No-No Bird
Author: Andrew Fusek Peters
How this book may help: Many young children go through a phase of answering every request with a firm 'NO!'. Some may recognise themselves in the stubborn little 'no-no bird' in this cautionary tale. This may encourage them to co-operate a little more often.
The No-No Bird's favourite word is No! Requests from his mother to get dressed and clean his teeth... read more

Tags: emotions, behaviour, anger, tantrums

Teeth are Not for Biting
Author: Elizabeth Verdick
Illustrator: Marieka Heinlen
How this book may help: Discouraging biting, suggesting positive ways to deal with tooth pain.
This book shows, in bright colourful pictures, how teeth can chew and are fun to count, but can... read more

Tags: biting, violence

Hands Are Not for Hitting
Author: Martine Agassi
Illustrator: Marieka Heinlen
How this book may help: Reinforcing the message that violence is never acceptable, and encouraging children to use their hands in more positive and creative ways than hitting.
This very simple board book has bold pictures and minimal text. It describes lots of things that... read more

Tags: violence, hitting, anger

Rude Rabbit
Author: Jacqui Hawkins
Illustrator: Colin Hawkins
How this book may help: Highlights the negative impact that bad manners and rudeness can have. Promotes the idea that if someone is polite then they will be happier and have more friends.
Rude Rabbit lives up to his name. He hasn't got any friends because of his rudeness and bad... read more

Tags: swearing, politeness, manners, helping, emotions, bullying, behaviour, anger, violence

Dad David, Baba Chris and Me
Author: Ed Merchant
Illustrator: Rachel Fuller
How this book may help: May help and support children who are being parented by gay men. Encourages an appreciation of, and acceptance of, same-sex parents, and shows that families come in all shapes and sizes. Promotes a positive view of gay relationships.
Seven-year-old Ben has a pretty ordinary life in all respects but one: he has three dads. 'Baba... read more

Tags: multicultural, friends, father, emotions, diversity, being different, anxiety, anger, adoption, prejudice

Angry Arthur
Author: Hiawyn Oram
Illustrator: Satoshi Kitamura
How this book may help: Acknowledges the overwhelming feelings of anger that children sometimes experience.
Arthur wants to do stay up and watch TV but his mother says no, so he gets very angry. His anger... read more

Tags: compliance, anger, emotions, tantrums

I Feel Angry (Your Emotions)
Author: Brian Moses
Illustrator: Mike Gordon
This book provides an explanation of a child's feeelings of anger and suggests ways that may help... read more

Tags: anger, emotions, violence

Author: Carol Thompson
Illustrator: Carol Thompson
How this book may help: Acknowledges that everyday situations may give rise to negative emotions in young children. The story offers some practical suggestions that young children can use to ease anxiety and frustration, such as deep breathing.
Dolly the young pig sometimes like to play alone and sometimes play with her best friend Jack... read more

Tags: sharing, sadness, friends, emotions, co-operation, behaviour, anxiety, anger, stubbornness, tantrums

When My Worries Get Too Big!
Author: Karl Dunn Buron
How this book may help: A relaxation book for children who live with anxiety published by the Autism Asperger Publishing Company
The little boy in the book explains his anxieties in terms of numbers: at 1 he is fine, at 5 he is... read more

Tags: anxiety, emotions, fears

The Sunflower Sword
Author: Mark Sperring
Illustrator: Miriam Latimer
How this book may help: A good choice of book to reinforce the message that friendship is far better than fighting. It also has a theme of acceptance, and encourages the reader not to judge people on outward appearance.
A small boy loves pretending to be a knight and slaying imaginary dragons. When he asks his mother... read more

Tags: relationships, hitting, friends, being different, violence

Never Say No to a Princess!
Author: Tracey Corderoy
Illustrator: Kate Leake
How this book may help: Sometimes children just can’t stop themselves from asking for everything they see and in the modern consumerist society it is increasingly difficult for parents to say no to their children’s demands. The little princess’s parents give her all the sparkly things she wants whenever she asks for them but she is never happy and she never says please.
One day when she is lost she meets a dragon who will not take her back to the palace until she says... read more

Tags: stubbornness, rudeness, politeness, manners, helping, gratitude, compliance, co-operation, behaviour, tantrums

Put Away Your Phone!
Author: Tracy Bryan
Illustrator: David Barrow
How this book may help: Encourages a child to develop strategies to manage situations that make them cross. Helps a child to see that phones can be useful in an emergency, and forces parents to consider how much time they may be spending on their devices.
Emma is a little girl who struggles to get her parents’ attention, because they always seem to be... read more

Tags: anger, behaviour, co-operation, emotions, relationships, tantrums

Leon Bites
Author: David Bedford
Illustrator: Eleanor Taylor
Publisher's summary: "When Leon bites, he doesn’t realise quite how painful it is. Actually he thinks it is all a bit..." read more

Tags: behaviour, biting, violence

Emily's Tiger
Author: Miriam Latimer
Illustrator: Miriam Latimer
Publisher's summary: "Watch out! Emily is off and running again! This little girl has a problem with her temper, and..." read more

Tags: anger, tantrums

All Kinds of Feelings: a Lift-the-Flap Book
Author: Emma Brownjohn
Illustrator: Emma Brownjohn
Publisher's summary: "Everyone has different feelings all of the time. One minute you may feel happy - and the next..." read more

Tags: anger, anxiety, behaviour, emotions, fear of the dark, fears, phobias, sadness

Doodle Bites (Tilly and Friends)
Author: Polly Dunbar
Illustrator: Polly Dunbar
How this book may help: This book may help a young child understand that there are negative consequences to biting.
Publisher's summary: "Doodle is feeling bitey. And what better to bite than a big BOTTOM – Tumpty’s! But poor sore..." read more

Tags: biting

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