Books on: Shyness

Books that either has a character who is shy, or reassure shy children that they can cope with this emotion.

Halibut Jackson
Author: David Lucas
Illustrator: David Lucas
How this book may help: Reassuring anxious or shy children that others experience similar emotions. Providing a positive role model who learns to accept his shyness.
Halibut Jackson is very shy indeed. So shy that he makes himself many different camouflaged outfits... read more

Tags: phobias, fears, anxiety, shyness

Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero
Author: Anne Cottringer
Illustrator: Alex T.Smith
How this book may help: A great choice for a child who wears glasses (the featured hero is bespectacled). It's also a good way to discuss prejudice with children, and to encourage them to look beyond outward appearance.
By day, Eliot Jones is a very quiet boy, who spends his days reading, feeding his goldfish and... read more

Tags: being different, diversity, glasses, prejudice

The Great Big Book of Feelings
Author: Mary Hoffman
Illustrator: Ros Asquith
How this book may help: A child struggling with negative emotions may find great comfort in this sympathetic, entertaining and reassuring book which explores many different feelings: happy, sad, excited, bored, interested, angry, upset, calm, silly, lonely, scared, safe, embarrassed, shy, confident, worried, jealous and satisfied.
The book is presented in bite-size chunks of information which should hold the attention of a child... read more

Tags: anger, anxiety, bullying, comfort, death, depression, emotions, fears, friends, hitting, jealousy, loneliness, loss, persistence, phobias, prejudice, sadness, shyness, violence

Shaun The Shy Shark
Author: Neil Griffiths
Illustrator: Peggy Collins
How this book may help: It shows shyness and being different in a positive way.
Shaun is not the usual scary shark, he is actually very shy and scared of many other sea creatures.... read more

Tags: being different, bullying, confidence, shyness

Giraffes Can't Dance
Author: Giles Andreae
Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees
How this book may help: The story would be a good starting point for a discussion on self-esteem and persistence, or the positive side of being different. It also has an anti-bullying/acceptance message.
Gerald was a very self-conscious giraffe; he was painfully aware of his gangly legs which made him... read more

Tags: anxiety, being different, bullying, confidence, diversity, emotions, loneliness, persistence, prejudice, sadness, shyness

Say Hello
Author: Jack Foreman
Illustrator: Michael Foreman
How this book may help: For all children who are lonely, shy and feel isolated
A lonely dog asks some children if he can join in their games and fun. A lonely little boy... read more

Tags: confidence, friends, sharing, shyness

The Cloud
Author: Hannah Cumming
One of the children in art class never draws and is always surrounded by a big black cloud. She is... read more

Tags: emotions, friends, persistence, sadness, shyness

See You Later Mum
Author: Jennifer Northway
How this book may help: Comforting for children starting playgroup or nursery.
William isn't very happy on his first day at playschool so mum stays with him to help him settle... read more

Tags: separation anxiety, playgroup, nursery, independence, friends, confidence, absence, shyness

Frank and Teddy Make Friends
Author: Louise Yates
Illustrator: Louise Yates
Shy, but clever, Frank Mouse needs a friend to help him understand that true friendship is about... read more

Tags: friends, sharing, shyness

Mr Big
Author: Ed Vere
Illustrator: Ed Vere
Mr Big is strong and tough and scares people, but in his heart he's just a big softy. Can he get... read more

Tags: being different, confidence, friends, loneliness, sadness

All Kinds of Feelings: a Lift-the-Flap Book
Author: Emma Brownjohn
Illustrator: Emma Brownjohn
Publisher's summary: "Everyone has different feelings all of the time. One minute you may feel happy - and the next..." read more

Tags: anger, anxiety, behaviour, emotions, fear of the dark, fears, phobias, sadness

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