Books on: Learning Disabilites

Books which feature children with learning disabilities. Some titles provide information to help other children better understand learning disabilities. Other titles promote the positive aspects of conditions.

Looking after Louis
Author: Lesley Ely
Illustrator: Polly Dunbar
How this book may help: Explaining to young children how autism can affect behaviour and promoting tolerance and understanding of others.
Beautiful contemporary illustrations accompany this tale of friendship, empathy and understanding.... read more

Tags: emotions, disability, co-operation, behaviour, autism

Our Stripy Baby
Author: Gillian Shields
Illustrator: Paula Metcalf
How this book may help: Encourages children to accept the fact that everyone is different. This book may help a child who is struggling to come to terms with having a sibling with special needs.
The characters in this book are purple alien-like creatures with coloured spots on their skin. Zara... read more

Tags: new baby, family, diversity, disability, brother, being different, behaviour, sister

Catherine's Story
Author: Genevieve Moore
Illustrator: Karin Littlewood
How this book may help: Promoting tolerance and understanding of those with physical or mental disabilities. Highlights the positive traits of disability.
This book is based on a child who suffers from a kind of epilepsy known as infantile spasms or West... read more

Tags: being different, disability, persistence

Russell's World
Author: Charles A, Amenta III
Illustrator: Monika Pollak
How this book may help: A book about autism
This is the story of Russell and his family. Russell has autism and this book explains some of his... read more

Tags: autism, brother, family, sibling

Ellie Bean the Drama Queen!
Author: Jennie Harding
Illustrator: David Padgett
Ellie Bean can sometimes seem like a drama queen: she over-reacts to many things and makes a lot of... read more

Tags: anger, behaviour, emotions

Dyslexia (talking It Through)
Author: Althea
Illustrator: Frances Cony
How this book may help: This is an informative and positive book which covers many different types of dyslexia. It addresses the prejudices people with dyslexia sometimes come up against.
The book features six fictitious children who all have dyslexia of varying types, including... read more

Tags: dyslexia, prejudice, reading, school

My Friend With Autism
Author: Beverly Bishop
Illustrator: Craig Bishop
This is a book which helps children understand autism. It presents a positive picture of what... read more

Tags: autism, being different, friends

Eric!...the Hero?
Author: Christopher Wormell
Illustrator: Christopher Wormell
How this book may help: Any child who sometimes feels less intelligent, less capable and less successful than others will be heartened by the story of Eric who isn’t much good at anything but turns out to be a hero.
Dramatic illustrations, fairy-tale setting, a friendly narratorial voice and effective use of... read more

Tags: anxiety, autism, bullying, confidence, emotions, fears, loneliness, monsters, prejudice

Author: Carol Thompson
Illustrator: Carol Thompson
How this book may help: One of a vibrant series of books (Crawl!, Jump!, Climb! and Run!) that focusses on children's love of movement.
Carol Thompson's wonderful illustrations reflect the struggles, achievements and sheer delight that... read more

Tags: being different, disability, Down's syndrome, prejudice

I Want To Be Like Poppin' Joe
Author: Jo Meserve Mach and Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier
Illustrator: Mary Birdsell
How this book may help: This book tells the true story of a successful, hard working man with Down Syndrome and Autism, and the positive effect he has on a young boy.
This lovely photo story book features real-life people. The small boy in the story (Dylan) is... read more

Tags: confidence, Down's syndrome, friends, independence

We'll Paint the Octopus Red
Author: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen
Illustrator: Pam DeVito
Publisher's summary: "As six-year-old Emma anticipates the birth of her new baby brother or sister, she vividly imagines..." read more

Tags: disability, brother, Down's syndrome, new baby

My Brother is Different: A Book for Young Children Who Have a Brother or Sister with Autism
Author: Louise Gorrod
Illustrator: Beccy Carver
Publisher's summary: "Written by a mother of a child with autism and beautifully illustrated in full colour, this book..." read more

Tags: autism, behaviour, brother, disability, sister

Just Because
Author: Rebecca Elliott
Illustrator: Rebecca Elliott
How this book may help: Promoting tolerance and celebrating diversity. May help children to realise that those with disabilities can achieve as much as those who are able-bodied.
Publisher's summary: "'My big sister Clemmie is my best friend. She can't walk, talk, move around much, cook macaroni,..." read more

Tags: brother, being different, disability, love, sister, wheelchair

A Dr. Spot Casebook: Zak Has ADHD
Author: Jenny Leigh
Illustrator: Woody Fox
Publisher's summary: "Zak the Zebra has trouble paying attention and fidgets a lot, especially when he goes on a school..." read more

Tags: ADHD, behaviour, disability

Let's Talk: My Friend has Down's Syndrome
Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Illustrator: Marta Fabrega
How this book may help: By inspiring and encouraging children to overcome barriers that can exist between children with Down's syndrome and their playmates.
Publisher's summary: "My friend has Down's syndrome is a sensitively written story about two children who meet at a..." read more

Tags: being different, disability, diversity, Down's syndrome, friends

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