Books on: Separation Anxiety

Books which acknowledge that children sometimes feel anxious when away from their loved ones.

No Matter What
Author: Debi Gliori
Illustrator: Debi Gliori
How this book may help: May provide reassurance for an insecure or anxious child that their parents' love for them is unconditional and constant, despite the circumstances. It sensitively reinforces the message that love carries on, even after someone dies.
The key message behind this simple and beautiful book for small children is that the love a parent... read more

Tags: comfort, bereavement, anxiety, death, divorce, emotions, family, father, fears, loss, love, mother, sadness, separation anxiety, serious illness, terminal illness

Owl Babies
Author: Martin Waddell
Illustrator: Patrick Benson
How this book may help: Reassuring children that loved ones do return after absence.
Sarah, Percy and Bill wake one night to discover that their Mummy has gone. Between them, they... read more

Tags: emotions, family, love, separation anxiety

Going to Nursery
Author: Catherine Anholt
Illustrator: Laurence Anholt
How this book may help: Allaying fears about starting playgroup or nursery and being absent from a parent.
Anna wasn't big enough to go to school (or work!) but her Mummy said she was getting too big to... read more

Tags: friends, growing up, nursery, playgroup, separation anxiety

Dan and Diesel
Author: Charlotte Hudson
Illustrator: Lindsey Gardiner
How this book may help: Gives a positive view of disability. The blind central character (Dan), in partnership with his faithful guide dog (Diesel), feels like he can 'conquer the world'. The book skilfully reflects the vulnerability Dan feels when he is separated from Diesel.
Dan's little brother narrates the tale of Diesel the 'wonder dog' and his relationship with his... read more

Tags: relationships, love, dog, blindness

Dear Daddy
Author: Philippe Dupasquier
Illustrator: Philippe Dupasquier
How this book may help: Reassuring children that they are loved despite the fact that a parent sometimes needs to be absent for extended periods. Acknowledging separation anxieties and sadness children may experience when a parent is away from home.
A young girl writes to her father who is absent on board a ship on which he works. She relates... read more

Tags: absence, father, relationships, separation, separation anxiety

Claydon Was a Clingy Child
Author: Cressida Cowell
Illustrator: Cressida Cowell
How this book may help: A light-hearted introduction to the concept of independence. May reassure a child who feels anxious about their safety when away from their parents.
Claydon was a very clingy child. He preferred to stay in the place he thought was the safest in the... read more

Tags: absence, anxiety, mother

Don't Panic, Annika!
Author: Juliet Clare Bell
Illustrator: Jennifer E Morris
How this book may help: This entertaining story contains some simple techniques that anxious children could use to stay calm.
Annika is a panicker! She panics when she drops a toy in the fishpond. She panics when her coat zip... read more

Tags: anxiety, emotions, fears

Sleepover (First Time)
Illustrator: Jess Stockham
How this book may help: A good choice of book to set a child's expectations of what happens at a sleepover. The simple conversational text and lively illustrations may encourage them to talk about the experience and ask questions.
The book depicts an excited little boy and his mother setting out on a bus journey to the boy's... read more

Tags: behaviour, fear of the dark, friends, independence

Author: Alexis Deacon
How this book may help: A story for anyone who has ever felt lonely, lost and unloved
Beegu's spaceship is stranded on earth and she is lost and alone. She meets lots of strange... read more

Tags: anxiety, being different, diversity, friends, loneliness, sadness, separation anxiety

Was It the Chocolate Pudding - A Story for Little Kids About Divorce
Author: Sandra Levins
Illustrator: Bryan Langdo
How this book may help: This is a story about divorce. It provides information which will be useful to parents and families everywhere.
When a little boy's parents divorce, he worries that it might be because he and his brother smeared... read more

Tags: anxiety, divorce, family, separation, separation anxiety

See You Later Mum
Author: Jennifer Northway
How this book may help: Comforting for children starting playgroup or nursery.
William isn't very happy on his first day at playschool so mum stays with him to help him settle... read more

Tags: separation anxiety, playgroup, nursery, independence, friends, confidence, absence, shyness

Dennis Duckling
Author: Paul Sambrooks
Illustrator: Tommaso Loverte Tani
How this book may help: Fostering/Adoption
Dennis Duckling and his little sister can no longer be looked after by their own parents and need... read more

Tags: adoption, anxiety, family, fears, foster, friends, sadness, separation anxiety

Dennis and the Big Decisions
Author: Paul Sambrooks
Illustrator: Tommaso Loverte Tani
How this book may help: Foster Care
Continues the story of Dennis Duckling and his foster care placement. The book looks at the range... read more

Tags: adoption, anxiety, depression, emotions, family, foster, separation, separation anxiety

Living with Mum and Living with Dad: My Two Homes
Author: Melanie Walsh
Illustrator: Melanie Walsh
How this book may help: A simple and comforting book about separation for very young children
The little girl in the story explains that her mum and dad don't live together any more, so... read more

Tags: absence, divorce, family, father, mother, moving house, separation, single parent

Little Princess - I Want My Mum
Author: Tony Ross
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Publisher's summary: "All day there had been disasters - the water pot went all over the latest painting; the Little..." read more

Tags: anxiety, fears, mother, separation anxiety

Let's Talk: Lost and Found
Author: Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
Illustrator: Marta Fabrega
How this book may help: This book acknowledges how frightening it can be for a child who gets lost in a public place. It encourages children and parents to decide on a safe meeting place in advance.
Publisher's summary: "Lost and Found tells the story of a child who gets lost in a crowd of strangers. But she is lucky,..." read more

Tags: anxiety

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