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Encouraging Positive Behaviour

  • Anger, Violence & Tantrums
    Books which tackle or reflect anger, which can sometimes lead to physical violence and tantrums. Some books attempt to reassure children that feeling angry from time to time is normal, and offer practical ways to neutralise this anger.
  • Bed Time
    Books that promote a good bedtime routine, where children settle happily into bed in the evening without a fight!
  • Getting Dressed
    Books which encourage children to learn to dress themselves. Some promote the idea that getting dressed can be fun, while others help children to make decisions on what type of clothing is appropriate for different situations.
  • Healthy Eating & Exercise
    Books to encourage children to eat healthily, to be less fussy or picky with their food, and take plenty of exercise.
  • Looking After The Planet
    Books that promote environmental issues and explain them in a simple way that children can understand. Some books suggest practical ways a child can become involved in caring for the planet, including recycling.
  • Manners & Politeness
    Books which either promote good manners and politeness or tell cautionary tales about impolite children!
  • Sharing & Co-Operation
    Books to encourage children to share and co-operate, either with other family members, friends or the wider community.
  • Sibling Rivalry
    Books which focus on the rivalry which can sometimes arise between brothers and sisters. Some books offer practical suggestions to help resolve disputes while others reassure children that they are loved equally by their parents.
  • Telling the Truth
    Books which either encourage children to tell the truth, or provide cautionary tales where children's untruths have backfired on them! Some books in this category explain the negative effect that lying can have on others.
  • Tidiness & Helping Out
    Books to encourage children to help out around the house and explain the positive benefits of such co-operation.
  • Washing & Good Hygiene
    Books which either encourage children to adopt good hygiene practices or tell cautionary tales of children who refused to take a bath or clean their teeth!

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