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Big Issues and Milestones

  • Adoption
    Books that explain the adoption process or provide reassurance to adopted children who are struggling with difficult concepts and emotions.
  • Being Different & Self-esteem
    Books that promote better self-esteem and self-belief in children.
  • Bereavement
    Books which tackle the difficult subjects of bereavement and loss. Grieving children may find comfort or answers to challenging questions in the pages of these books.
  • Divorce/Separation
    Books that deal with divorce and separation, either by explaining some of the common events associated with this subject, or by providing comfort to children who are finding this situation difficult.
  • Hospitals & Operations
    Books to inform children about what happens during a hospital stay and/or an operation. Some books aim to reassure children who are frightened by the prospect of medical procedures.
  • Moving House
    Books to help children who are moving house or relocating to a new school or different area. Some books focus on the practicalities of moving house while others explore the emotions involved.
  • New Baby
    Books to help children who are coming to terms with a new baby in the family. Some titles tackle the subject of jealousy, others explain pregnancy, childbirth and baby care in a way that young children can understand.
  • Parent in Prison
    Books to help children who have a loved one in prison.
  • Parent With Depression
    Books which inform or comfort children who have parents (or other family members/loved ones) suffering from depression.
  • Serious Illness in Family
    Books which inform or comfort children who have family members or other loved ones suffering from a serious physical or mental illness.
  • Starting Playgroup/Nursery
    Books to help children starting playgroup, nursery or pre-school.
  • Starting School
    Books to help children to understand what to expect when they start school. Some titles in this category address fears and uncertainties children may have as they approach this major milestone.

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Childhood Experiences

Worries, Feelings & Fears

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