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Worries, Feelings & Fears

  • Anxiety
    Books that acknowledge children's feelings of anxiety, worry and stress and seek to reassure them that they are not alone.
  • Being Different & Self-esteem
    Books that promote better self-esteem and self-belief in children.
  • Bullies
    Books which cover the subject of bullying, either written from the point of view of the victim or the perpetrator. Some books suggest practical ways to prevent bullying taking place while others attempt to explain the possible reasons why people bully others.
  • Fear of The Dark
    Books which acknowledge fears and phobias associated with the dark. Some titles aim to neutralise fears by promoting darkness as a positive and necessary aspect of the night.
  • Feeling Sad
    Books to comfort children going through periods of sadness. Some books explain that feeling sad occasionally is normal, and offer practical ways to make the child feel happier.
  • Ghosts and Monsters
    Books which acknowledge childhood fears of ghosts and monsters. Some books attempt to neutralise fears by portraying characters who seem frightening at first but ultimately reveal friendly qualities.
  • Hospitals & Operations
    Books to inform children about what happens during a hospital stay and/or an operation. Some books aim to reassure children who are frightened by the prospect of medical procedures.
  • Separation Anxiety
    Books which acknowledge that children sometimes feel anxious when away from their loved ones.
  • Shyness
    Books that either has a character who is shy, or reassure shy children that they can cope with this emotion.
  • Spiders, Insects & Mice
    Books which either show spiders and insects in a positive light or tackle the fears that some children experience when coming face to face with spiders and insects.
  • Taking Medicine
    Books that acknowledge the reluctance that some children have to take medicine.
  • Visiting the Dentist & Dental Care
    Books about visiting the dentist and dental care. Some titles promote good dental care including brushing teeth, others give information about some of the common procedures carried out in the dentist's surgery. Many acknowledge that some children feel nervous when visiting the dentist and seek to reassure them.
  • Visiting the Doctor
    Books which either explain what happens during a typical visit to the doctor, who reassure children who may be frightened or worried about medical procedures, such as immunisations.

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